My first wooden dummy for Ving tsun

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This was my first wooden dummy for ving tsun, that I have made for more than 5 years ago.
I am a qualified shipwright from the west coast of Denmark, and a passionate Ving Tsun fighter.
So I started with the prototype, and it took me over 65 hours to finalize the prototype of the wooden dummy / Muk Yan Jong.

The wood that I chose was Robinia because it was cheap to get hold of, but it’s incredibly hard to work with. The trunk was made of a solid piece of wood, and was dried for about 5-6 years, it was not quite enough as I remember from my apprenticeship that wood had to dry about one year per inchbefore we could use it, and when the trunk was slightly more than 8 inches it should have dried for over 8 years