Wall mounted wooden dummy
Free standing wooden dummy
Custom made wooden dummy or mook yan jong

If you have a dream of getting your unique wooden dummy made, with your owned design, then this is also an option.
It can be made with character, font or color or even a specific type of wood.
I’ve made a lot of wooden dummies for many different wing chun lineage and styles, so the arms can also be made offset if wanted.

Please send me an email and let’s get started.

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Mook yan jong
Free standing wooden dummy

The Body.

Is Manufactured from solid 8 pieces of Danish beech that has been professionally kiln dried, each piece has been laminated together in 4 pieces using an incredibly strong glue for maximum strength. Then the 4 pieces are machined with a router to make the leg hole and the center hole .

Then the 4 pieces are glued together and then turned on a giant lathe to produce a completely cylindrical body , and the top 2 holes are chiselled out by hand.


Production capacity has been sold for 2019, and Q1 in 2020

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Wall mountet wooden dummy
Wooden dummy wall mount

Mook yan jong`s made by Wooden dummy dk are made with the same level arms at the top, and as a standard, but can also be made in the traditional way.

The Wood.

Beech is a type of wood most used in the furniture industry here in northern Europe, as it is very durable and relatively easy to work with.

Before it can be used, it must be dried in large ovens, so that the humidity will reduce to 7-9%
This wood has been used for many different things in northern Europe through the ages, also of my Viking ancestors who used it for handles for axes and spears.


The trunk is laminated by several pieces to get the highest strength, and by laminating the trunk, you are also avoiding cracking over time.

Production capacity has been sold for 2019, and Q1 in 2020

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