These amazing Wooden Butterfly Swords are based on the late Sifu Wong Shun Leung’s preferred dimensions and are available in Teak, Black Stained Beech, and Natural Beech.

We use beech wood exclusively sourced from Danish forests and offer two versions: natural and black stained.

Beech wood was used way back in the Viking Age to make weapons of due to its hardness, wear-resistance, and strength.

We use Teak FEQ (First European Quality) from Southeast Asia, which has been legally sourced. Teak FEQ is a sorted timber that contains no sapwood, knots or wormholes. Unfortunately, this tropical hardwood is unequivocally endangered and is therefore very exclusive.


Customer feedback:

I made the wise decision of acquiring two pairs (since we are a couple practicing VT), and they are simply beautiful 🙂! The feeling of holding them and moving them is pure delight. I have done Japanese martial arts (mainly aikido and iaido) for close to thirty years, and there, truly good wooden swords are regarded almost as highly as steel swords. Erik‘s great skills with and love of wood are obvious in his swords, and just as any Japanese swordsman worth his salt would be instantly impressed by them, these swords are worthy of masters. And vice versa – so I’m hoping my swords will forgive me for having to settle for me

  • Type Wooden Butterfly Sword
  • Wood type Teak and Beech
  • Project Year 2016