Butterfly swords made in Teak
Teak Butterfly Swords
Butterfly Swords made of the best quality teak

These amazing Wooden Butterfly Swords are based on the late Sifu Wong Shun Leung`s preferred dimensiones and are here showen in Teak.

DKK: 950,- pair

Eur: 128,- pair

The  wooden butterfly swords has a total Weight (pair): 800 grams

For shipping countries, that are not listed below please ask for price.

Shipping to:

England, Poland, Austria, Holland, France, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Italy

DKK 150,-  (EUR 20,20) for one set, but the same price for ordering up to 4 sets.



DKK 950,-

Fragt i Danmark DKK 90,-

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Mook yan jong
Free standing wooden dummy

The Body.

Is Manufactured from solid 8 pieces of Danish beech that has been professionally kiln dried, each piece has been laminated together in 4 pieces using an incredibly strong glue for maximum strength. Then the 4 pieces are machined with a router to make the leg hole and the center hole .

Then the 4 pieces are glued together and then turned on a giant lathe to produce a completely cylindrical body , and the top 2 holes are chiselled out by hand.


Production capacity has been sold for 2019, and Q1 in 2020

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