Custom made wooden dummy

The quality of the Danish craftsmanship is known to be in the top, but Erik Hovedskou, has moved this bar above and beyond with my Wooden dummy. I never imagined a product so thoroughly made. Truly a real work of art. Erik was always ready to help me regarding my questions about my wooden dummy, and wing chun in general
Erik Is a master of the wooden art.


Allan De Place Paulsen

Allan De Place Paulsen - VIborg, Denmark

I am very pleased with my dummy. Not only cause it is crafted after my standards but it is also it is very aesthetic to the eye, and blends well into my living room. The quality is excellent, it has received a lot of compliments from non-Wing Chun people and it really helps me those days I don’t have time to go the club. I highly recommend Erik, who will help, listen and guide you through every process of the dummy making, all handcrafted and special designed for each costumer.

Suzannah Gottfredsen - Copenhagen

Wooden dummy wing tsun
I’ve received my Wooden dummy for wing tsun ( number 5) in September 2013. It was delivered at my home and Erik placed it exactly where I wanted it. My dummy is made to stand on the floor. We had a lot of conversations of how it should be and the result is a beautiful, elegant dummy. Erik is the best  wooden dummy maker that I know off. The service is spot on and the quality is excellent. Thank you Erik.

Charlotte Jørgensen - Copenhagen Wing tsun