Black Stained Beech Butterfly Swords

DKK 695

These amazing Wooden Butterfly Swords are based on the late Sifu Wong Shun Leung’s preferred dimensions and are available in Teak, Black Stained Beech, and Natural Beech.

We use beech wood exclusively sourced from Danish forests and offer two versions: natural and black stained.

Beech wood was used way back in the Viking Age to make weapons of due to its hardness, wear-resistance, and strength.



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The butterfly swords for wing chun shown here, are made of beech, and then stained Black.

The  wooden butterfly swords has a total weight of 880g

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DKK 695,- sæt.

Eur 93,- pair

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England, Poland, Austria, Holland, France, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Italy

DKK 150,-  (EUR 20,20) for one set, but the same price for ordering up to 4 sets.